Project File:

Silo Park Marina Marina

Auckland Council

Silo Park Marina, Jellicoe St Auckland

Time Period
Completed: June2013


The Project

As testament to the success of the super yacht berths already designed and built by Total Floating Systems Total Floating Systems were contracted to design and build the next stage of this super yacht berthage including a 33m extension to the wave screen, a new 65m berth and a new 90m high freeboard berth.
When the client saw how practical the high freeboard pontoons were for the super yachts they immediately upgraded the 65m berth to high freeboard.


The new berthage was delivered within a tight timeframe and was immediately put to work by the visiting super yachts.
Extreme weather passed through early in the life of the structure with no issues


Physical works:

Design and build a 90x5m high freeboard pontoon
Design and build a 33x5m wave screen extension
Design and build a 65x5m high freeboard pontoon
Design a 5m wide aluminium ramp
Design a custom 14m aluminium gangway